Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cape Elizabeth Military Reservation, Maine

Visited 15 Jun 2012 - Cape Elizabeth Military Reservation was a small World War II Military Reservation that contained one 6" gun battery and two Fire Control Towers. A second gun battery was proposed but never built at the site. Most of the reservation is now contained in Two Lights State Park, Cumberland County, Maine but some of the old reservation is now private property.

The Control & Ammunition Magazine Structure and #1 Gun Emplacement of Battery 201
Battery 201 was the first in the 200 series of six inch rapid fire gun batteries deployed as coastal defenses during World War II at many of the major U.S. harbors. 
The View from Battery 201

This battery was sited at Cape Elizabeth in a stunning setting that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean from a high cliff. All that remains of the gun battery is the main concrete control and ammunition magazine structure and the two exposed concrete gun emplacements. The main control structure and magazine is earth covered and overgrown with brush and trees.

The first Fire Control Tower is located within the park at the end of a short trail at the back of the parking lot. The tower itself looks a little beat up around the observation windows. Unfortunately the tower was closed and locked up so we couldn't climb up to the top for the great view. When in use, the tower was one of several along the coast that spotted and tracked any enemy warships. Each gun battery had several of these towers that provided location information to the gun crews.

The second Fire Control Tower was a bit harder to find because it was not on the park grounds and was located northeast of the park on private property. Luckily it was very visible from the road and we managed to get a picture. This tower was disguised as a lighthouse during World War II.

We had a great time at the park and in the town, a great day trip.

For more information check out my FortWiki.com pages on Battery 201 and Cape Elizabeth Military Reservation.


  1. There is another fire control tower located nearby on Trundy Point. Do you know what this site was used in conjunction with?